Victories at Utah DUI Advocate

South Salt Lake City v. M*****

Charged with DUI (BAC .17) – found not guilty by jury at trial. Case dismissed.

State of Utah v. B****

Client charged with DUI (BAC .125), case dismissed.

South Salt Lake City v. B***

Client charged with DUI and Speeding. Breathalyzer result suppressed from trial on motion from Phil arguing that the test was administered improperly and therefore gave an unreliable result.

Salt Lake City v. M******

Client charged with DUI and a .19 BAC from a blood test. Found not guilty by jury  at trial. Case dismissed.

Clearfield City v. R***

Charged with Possession of Controlled Substance and Drug Paraphernalia. Found not guilty on all counts at jury trial.

Draper City v. S*****

DUI client blew a 0.32. No license suspension at DLD hearing.

Cottonwood Heights v. H***

Client charged with DUI, Leaving the Scene of Accident and Refusal to Submit to a chemical test.  Upon Counsel’s arguments at Drivers License hearing, no license suspension of any kind.

Cottonwood Heights v. G****

Client charged with DUI (BrAC .109).  Not convicted of DUI, no license suspension, no ignition interlock, no jail, no community service, no prime for life, no Victim Impact Panel.

Cottonwood Heights v. M****

Client refused breath test, but blood draw resulted in a 0.15 BAC.  Upon Counsel’s arguments at Drivers License hearing, no license suspension of any kind.  Client not convicted of DUI and no license suspension or Ignition Interlock device.

City of Centerville  v. F********

Client charged with DUI (.189) after colliding with wall on I-15 freeway. No jail. Ignition Interlock period cut in half.

State of Utah v. E*******

Client charged with second DUI in 6 months. Counsel obtained community service in lieu of mandatory 10 days of jail. Also, avoided probation violation on first offense.

State of Utah v. SC********

Client charged with lewdness, Class B misdemeanor. Negotiated plea to Class C, Disorderly Conduct $140.00 fine.

State of Utah v. T*******

Client charged with Exhibition Driving.  Standard bail = $595.00 and mandatory 1 month license suspension. Client plead guilty to “Speeding – too fast for conditions,” paid a $90.00 fine.  No license suspension.

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